Educational Links – Reception

VIDEO – Miss Dibble & Miss Kiely reading Aliens Love Underpants –

VIDEO – Miss Kiely, Mrs Whiting and Mrs French reading The Hungry Caterpillar –

VIDEO – LETTERS & SOUNDS – Letters and sounds ‘igh’ –

VIDEO – Mrs Whiting & Mrs French reading We are Going on a Bear Hunt –

VIDEO – Mrs Farmer & Mrs Fairhurst reading Stick Man –

VIDEO – Letters & Sounds – oo with Miss Kiely –

VIDEO – Miss Dibble & Miss Gannon reading Giraffes Can’t Dance –

VIDEO – Rainbow Fish with Miss Dibble and Miss Kiely –

VIDEO – Starry Eyed Stan with Miss Dibble and Miss Kiely –

VIDEO – Noah’s Ark Story with Miss Dibble & Miss Kiely –

VIDEO – Elmer story (Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble) –

VIDEO – We’re all different (Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble) –

VIDEO – Story time with Miss Kiely and Miss Dibble Wake up time on Bumble Farm –

VIDEO –  Guess the animals Miss Kiely and Miss Dibble are describing –

Video – Miss Kiely & Miss Dibble reading ‘Superworm’



Cats and Dogs Reading Mini Book

It is… Reading Mini Book

Kit and Sam Got… Reading Mini Book

Kit and Sam Reading Mini Book

Let’s Go! Reading Mini Book

Pop and Puff Reading Mini Book


Find ideas for new things you can try at Hungry Little Minds.


Government set up site for Home Learning


Purple Mash (your child should have their own login)


Early Years Resources – Free downloadable Early Years Resources

Phonics Bloom


Letters and Sounds

ICT Games

Primary Games

CBeebies Numeracy

Oxford Owl Maths