Staff Info and Responsibilities

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs P Back (Head Teacher)

Mrs B Burgess (Academy Manager)

Mrs J Conroy (Assistant Head Teacher; Designated Safeguarding Lead; Attendance Lead)

Mr C Mead (Assistant Head Teacher; LSA  and Midday Line Manager; Deputy Safeguarding Lead; English Lead; Phase Lead years 4, 5 and 6)

Mrs K Lane (Nursery Manager; Assistant Head Teacher; Phase Lead EYFS and year 1; Phonics Lead; Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Ms A Newland (Assistant Head Teacher; Maths Lead; Curriculum Lead; Phase Lead years 2 and 3)


Miss L Pulfer (Associate Assistant Head Teacher; Maths Lead; Assessment Lead) – currently on maternity leave

Mr O Thurbon (History Lead; Trainee Teacher Mentor; Early Career Teacher Mentor)

Mrs J  Akehurst (SENCo)

Miss A Cape (R.E.Lead)

Miss S Dibble (French Lead)

Mrs F Gilmore (Geography Lead) – currently on maternity leave

Miss S Kiely (Design and Technology Lead)

Mrs E Mead (Science Lead)

Mrs E McIlroy (PSHE and Wellbeing Lead)

Miss V Skinner (Art Lead) – currently on maternity leave

Mr R Williams (P.E Lead)

Miss C Kingham (Early Careers Teacher) – currently on maternity leave

Mrs K Phillips (Geography Lead)

Mr S Chunn (Early Careers Teacher)

Miss E Pollington (ICT Lead)

Miss R Wilkinson (Music Lead)

Mrs V Harrison (Art Lead) maternity cover

Support Staff

Mrs K Steel (Admin Assistant)

Mrs N Tolan-Wheeler (Admin Assistant)

Mrs Y Hawkes (Finance Assistant)

Mrs C Andrews (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs J Blackburn (Learning Support Assistant – IT)

Mrs S Fairhurst (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Farmer (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Cain (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S French (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss N Gannon (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Mancktelow (Learning Support Assistant – SEN)

Miss K Marchant (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs J Mead (Learning Support Assistant – SEN)

Miss L Page (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs T Robinson (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs M Smith (Learning Support Assistant and Mid-day Supervisor)

Mrs S Southgate (Learning Support Assistant – SEN)

Mrs K Thurbon (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs L Long (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss K Barker (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss E Fookes (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss M Banks (Learning Support Assistant)

Mr R Peckham (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Homer (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs J Mann (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs S Bell (Nursery Key Person)

Miss S Cootes (Nursery Key Person)

Mrs C Howell (Nursery Key Person)

Ms L Trew (Nursery Key Person)

Ms S Hunt (Nursery Key Person)


Mr M Thain (Site Manager)

Mrs S Buckingham (Mid-day Assistant and Cleaner)

Mrs S Clarke (Mid-day Assistant and Cleaner)

Mrs T Dente (Mid-day Assistant and Cleaner)

Mr C Hunt (Mid-day Assistant and Cleaner)

Mrs D Kenyon (Mid-day Assistant)

Mrs V Wilson  (Mid-day Assistant)


Miss N Rook (Head Cook)

Miss S Bronze (Assistant Cook)

Ms N Whittle (Catering Assistant)

Ms C McCaul (Catering Assistant)


Crossing Patrol – Emma

TBC  –  Education Welfare Officer

Ms. N. Archer (Educational Psychologist)