Our Uniform

Dear Parents and Carers,                                                    July 2023


Graham James Primary Academy Uniform


As we are now fast approaching the end of the school year, and children are beginning to grow out of their uniforms and their shoes are getting a little tighter, we would like to clarify our expectations for students and parents so you are aware when purchasing new uniform ready for the autumn term.


Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps allow students to feel pride in their school. It ensures students are not put under any pressure because of the type of clothes they wear and when in uniform, are all treated equally. It also helps prepare students for secondary school and life after school where many will have to dress smartly for work and/or wear some type of uniform.


The children are expected to wear school uniform at all times when school is in session.

The school uniform colours are red, grey and white.

  • Trousers/tailored shorts/skirt/pinafore – grey (no leggings or jeans please)
  • Summer red gingham dress
  • Blouse or shirt – white
  • Polo shirt – red or white
  • Jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan – red or grey (No hoodies please)
  • Year 6 – formal white shirt (long or short sleeved) and school tie

Plain uniform can be bought from any high street clothing stores; uniform with our correct school logo on can only be bought from Uniformwise or Tesco uniform online (details for online ordering are on our website)). This includes reversible shower-proof fleeces, sun hats, woollen hats, sweatshirts, cardigans, ‘T’ shirts (no collar for P.E.), P.E. bags and polo shirts (red or white) all bearing the school logo.


All children should wear black leather/leather-look shoes with flat heels. Boots,trainers/plimsolls or trainer-type shoes with logos are not allowed.

(This includes leather converse-type lace-up pumps).

Boots can be worn to and from school but must be changed once in class.

If children come into school wearing inappropriate footwear, they will be asked to change into shoes/plimsolls.


Please note: Trainers can be changed into for breaktimes and lunchtimes.



Physical Education – for girls and boys

It is important that the children change into suitable clothing before starting their lesson.

The following is our recommended list for P.E. kit:

  • White `T’ shirt (No football shirts or sports logos please)
  • Red or black shorts
  • Socks – no tights
  • Plimsolls for indoor work (with their name in)
  • Trainers for outdoor work (with their name in)


(For outdoor P.E., in the winter, the children should bring in a tracksuit top/hoodie and tracksuit bottoms/leggings – any type or colour).

Please note: Earrings need to be removed for both KS1 and KS2. If your child finds it difficult to remove earrings, please remove them at home, on P.E days. Earrings can be taped for 6 weeks after having ears pierced.



The only jewellery that is permitted is one pair of simple stud earrings (no loop earrings please) and/or a wrist watch. Hoop earrings and ‘smart’ watches are not permitted.



Make-up of any kind (including nail varnish) is not permitted.


Hair and accessories

Please keep hair accessories simple (red, black, grey or white only) and avoid items such as: large bows, coloured beads, flowers, bandanas and crocodile clips.  Extreme haircuts (e.g. Mohikans) or extreme shaved hair, patterns/lettering or tramlines, are not permitted. Hair should be of natural colouring (exemption: on Crazy Hair Day. Please ensure hair colours/extensions are washed out or removed by the following school day).

Please note: Long hair must be tied back so that it is not a distraction in the classroom or a safety hazard during P.E. This will also help to avoid the spread of head lice.


Bags and water bottles

Book bags are required for KS1 and can be used when children move to KS2. If children prefer to bring a rucksack when moving into year 3, please ensure it is of a small size as we cannot accommodate larger rucksacks due to lack of space. Children should not bring in a personal pencil case; all necessary equipment is provided and should be kept in school. A refillable water bottle is recommended to ensure your child has access to drinking water all day. Please be mindful of the type of bottle you select, as screw-top bottles can lead to spillages. School water bottles are available to purchase from the office.


We are sending this letter out to clarify expectations. If you have any questions about the guidance, please do not hesitate to contact the school office, your class teacher or check out the school website, under the tab – Parent Info – School Uniform.


Staff and Governors expect all children to wear the school uniform. We look forward to your support in ensuring all students are treated equally and trust the guidance above makes things much clearer for everyone.


Thank you in advance,


Julie Conroy – Assistant Head Teacher