March 24 – County-Lines Safeguarding Newsletter

February 24 – Roblox-Tik-Tok-FC Safeguarding Newsletter

Summer 2023 newsletter

Safeguarding Update – Parents – April 2023 (1)

Safeguarding our children – March 2023

Safeguarding our children and anti-social behaviour:

We have been made aware of emerging groups of young people in this area who are gathering at local parks, which opens up possibilities of exploitation of young people/children.

Please be aware of where your children are at all times and who they are mixing with. And never underestimate the power of conversations with your children on where they have been and what they have been doing.

Online safety

Please be aware of the dangerous and risk-taking challenges associated with big You Tube and TikTok icons that have become increasingly popular amongst young people. It has been recognised that a significant percentage of primary age children (Years 5 and 6 in particular) have knowledge of these challenges. Please ensure you always monitor your child’s activity online, and speak to them about what they are watching.